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Friday Faves: More Matcha

Each Friday, I plan to share my "Favorites" from the week. These could be interesting articles I would like to share with you, recipes, funny memes, inspirational quotes and more.

  1. Laura Clery. Laura is a comedienne who posts hilarious videos. My son and I were dying laughing and stayed up way too late watching some of her recent videos. The Halloween costume one is a MUST-WATCH! She also has a book out!

  2. Dr. William Li. I recently enjoyed a podcast featuring Dr. Li. It was so educational that I ended up purchasing his book, "Eat to Beat Disease" on Audible and am now voraciously listening to it! I had an Audible credit which allowed me to get it for free. I will likely end up wanting my own paper copy as well in the future. Dr. Li gives incredible insight into ongoing studies about rejuvenating and renewing our stem cells and bodies. Definitely check out his website to learn more and get his book here.

  3. Panera app. We all love food right and perhaps we all love Panera, too! I recently downloaded the Panera app because I heard you could place your order and just pick it up. Yes, you absolutely can do that and it is amazing, but ALSO on the app, you can easily sort the food by "Plant Based." It is genius. Then you aren't scrolling endlessly through all the options when you know you just want a plant based option. So smart - download it in your app store today!

  4. Beekeepers Naturals. I know I have raved about their B-Powered superfood honey in the past, but this week, I have to give a shout out to the Throat Propolis spray. The kids and I have been battling a cold this week and having the easy spritz of this throat spray has been a saving grace. It's quick, easy, and tastes good so I don't get too many complaints from the kids. Try it out at my affiliate link here.

  5. Matcha. I have not always loved matcha - the green powder that is created when green tea leaves are powder-ized. However, with the slight illness hitting me this week, I decided to try matcha again. It has immune-boosting properties and helps your cells regenerate. Instead of just drinking it plain as a tea (which I did not love), I added it to my morning blueberry-spinach-pineapple smoothie. It added just a hint of earthiness and I got all that antioxidant power into my morning routine! I am definitely going to stick with this smoothie addition. You can try a sample for a pretty great price here.

And, that's Your Friday Favorites Fix! (who doesn't love alliteration?)

To Your Health!

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