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Tips for Traveling With Kids

My family loves to travel. Alex, 8, still talks about the plane ride and all the museums we enjoyed more than a year ago when we went to San Antonio for my sister’s wedding. Jane, 5, always wants to go somewhere and do something. She just wants to be out there having fun!

Travel can be expensive – especially air travel. However, I find that traveling as a family really helps bring us together. It helps us get to know each other on an even deeper level. It forces us to problem solve and work together as a team much more than our daily routine at home does.

When we travel – whether by plane, train, or automobile, we have several ways to keep ourselves and our kiddos happy and healthy:

  1. Don’t forget your health cabinet: I don’t like to call it a medicine cabinet because we truly try to stay away from any harsh medicines. My health go-tos for little bugs that spring up while traveling are Beekeepers Naturals Propolis Throat Spray (tastes great and really boosts your immunity and keeps those coughs at bay). I also LOVE the Superfood Honey offered by Beekeepers. It is great in tea or just by the spoonful for improved health. Other items we use: First Day daily vitamins for the kiddos (formulated by Harvard smarties), ground turmeric (I put that s*** in everything – great antioxidant and immune-boosting qualities), and MyKind Organics gummy vitamins (women's for me, men's for hubby).

  2. Fresh fruit: One of our favorite ways to stay healthy – and avoid junk food – while traveling is to bring fresh fruit! Apples and bananas are great as are tangerines/clementine and even grapes. And, while traveling I always like to try to find a local farm stand or organic grocer. My husband and kids often roll my eyes when I spy an interesting looking store or stand…

  3. Protein shakes: Generally you can find protein shakes wherever you travel, but it’s much easier to just throw a couple into your purse or travel bag. (Note: if you are flying, better skip this step lest they be confiscated or worse, explode in your suitcase!) Plus, then you can be assured to have the kind you prefer. Pro tip: Instead of drinking the whole shake straight out-the-bottle, I use half of it and mix it into my iced coffee. Coffee and protein are a win-win!

  4. Creature comforts: We go on road trips pretty frequently and no matter how little we think we pack, the back of the car always ends up becoming a huge mess! I try to avoid this back-seat-bedlam by allowing the kids to only bring one stuffed animal or “best friend” and their personal blanket. Each of them has their own blanket that they sleep with every night and on many a trip having this blanket has saved us! It’s like bringing a piece of home with us!

  5. Walking shoes: We love to spend tons of time outside when we travel. Whether we are hiking on new trails, climbing rocks, or having a simple picnic wherever we land, we are total outdoor-living peeps. So, it is essential to bring sneakers and socks so that we can ford all those rivers and climb all those mountains!

There you go! What travel must-haves do you recommend? Share in the comments!

Note: I recently joined the Beekeeper’s Naturals Affiliate program, so if you shop at the links in the article, I will get credit!

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