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Rachel Swick Mavity, LLC Price Sheet



  • Landing page as part of a sales funnel with multiple CTAs built in: $1500 (15 hours of work)

  • Website from scratch: $2000 (5 pages on average) 

  • Website transfer (transfer to Wix from another platform): $1500

  • Brand refresh (help with strategy, refresh for website such as logo, content, branding, and social profile, cover pics): $350 (3.5 hours)

  • Stand-alone press release $75 (1 hour)

  • Website maintenance and security updates- monthly: $50/month

  • Website rescue (site went offline and needs to get back online ASAP): $175 - $300 (depending on time it takes to get back online)

Digitization Services:

  • Photo digitization meeting/consultation: FREE and includes me setting up your FOREVER account with free 2GB of storage

  • Photo scanning: $75/hour or per project price – i.e. $750 for 10 hours, which likely equals 2-3 tubs of photo albums

  • Digitization color retouch (to refresh older photos): $25/hour

T-shirt creation and printing:

  • $12 per t-shirt (can be reduced for orders over 25 shirts) 

  • $50 per design 

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