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Building Community & Finding Your Moai

One of the main pillars of the blue zones is a sense of community. This community comes by many names - tribe, sisterhood, social network, besties... And, moai. Moai is a term that simply means a group of like-minded individuals who get together to cook, walk, or take a class.

Here in Milford, Delaware, USA, we are excited about the potential to build our own personal community. We are new to the area, having lived here just over a year. We are starting to get to know a few people, however we have found it can be difficult to meet people our age with similar interests.

The reason it is difficult is easy to see - we are all so busy! People do not hang out in their neighborhoods - they are off running the kids to sports, activities, and to visit family in other areas.

Alex, our explorer child, often rides his bike around our block or even over to the playground. He generally reports that there weren't any other kids to play with at the playground or that he didn't really see anyone around.

We do sometimes see neighbors walking dogs or kids playing in yards, but the community feels closed off by fences.

We hope to change this! We want to connect with others who are interested in adopting a lifestyle similar to the blue zones ones we are exploring. We hope if you are interested, you will join us over on Facebook at Blue-Green Life.

Here, we will share our experiences on a more personal level outside the blog. We can all share new and interesting recipes that we are trying out at home. And, we can commune over our shared interests and struggles!

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