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This Holiday, Ditch Your Teflon

ave you seen any of the promos or trailers for “Dark Waters” starring Mark Ruffalo? If not, I encourage you to check it out.

While the move has Mark’s star power, it really focuses on the man behind the story – environmental lawyer Rob Bilott – who went after DuPont after learning the company knowingly dumped toxic chemicals into the drinking water supply in West Virginia.

This is a similar style movie to Erin Brockovich and is equally disturbing. Here we go again with companies knowingly harming the health of people in our communities. It is shocking (or maybe not) that this is still happening.

The Environmental Working Group is partnering with Participant Media to raise awareness of PFAS – the toxic chemicals dumped in West Virginia. PFAS are contained in so many household items,including the Teflon in our cookware! This holiday season, I encourage you to learn more about PFAS and ditch that Teflon cookware for a healthier alternative.

About the film from EWG: “A class of hazardous chemicals known as PFAS, or “forever chemicals” is rapidly contaminating water and people across the U.S. These chemicals are used in cookware, clothing and even in food packaging. But they’ve been linked to serious health effects, like hormone disruption and cancer.

PFAS chemicals are the subject of “Dark Waters,” the new feature film from Participant Media and Focus Features that is now playing in theaters nationwide. The film is based on the true story of environmental lawyer Rob Bilott who took on DuPont after he uncovered evidence the company knowingly dumped toxic PFAS chemicals into drinking water in and around Parkersburg, W.Va.”

A short list of healthy cookware options:

1. Stone Earth pans

2. Cast iron pans

3. Ceramic pans

You can find great brands and options at your local kitchen stores or online! Be sure to do your research before you purchase.

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