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Healthy Snacks for Your Family

Snacks – everyone loves them and if your kids are like my kids, they demand them!

So many of the snacks you find in the grocery store are full of sugar, dyes, and other questionable ingredients. I cringe every time I see myself reaching for a product that I know isn’t that great for my kids (or myself). In order to try and keep healthy-ish items stocked at home, I try to plan ahead and buy healthy snacks online, so I know I have them at home and am less likely to rely on the grocery store.

(Side note: Where I live there aren’t many of the nicer grocery stores that might carry these healthy snack brands.)

When I am home with my kids, generally I can give them fresh fruit or carrot sticks and hummus to enjoy, but what about when we are on the road? I shudder at the idea of spilled hummus on the carpet in the car. Eek!

This led me on a search for portable and healthy snacks and I found some great ones that I wanted to share with you.

My Healthy Snack Round-up

Fruit bars: I like the That’s It bars because they are made of only fruit and, you guessed it, that’s it. They are also delicious and come in several varieties. I like these apple-blueberry ones.

Organic fruit snacks: All kids love fruit snacks. They think they are getting a candy, and often fruit snacks have a lot of sugar and ingredients, so it’s easy to see why. These YumEarth organic fruit snacks are both delicious do not include artificial flavors or colors!

Honey sticks: I used to love when my mom would let me buy a honey stick from our local store, but you just don’t really see them in many places these days. Guess what? You can find these great Honey Straws variety pack on Amazon!

Fruit leathers: Sure, you can make great fruit leather at home in your oven or dehydrator, but I don’t always have time (or patience) for that. The Stretch Island fruit leather variety pack is a great way to get some extra fruit into your kid while they think they are getting a treat.

Fruit pouches or squeezes: When my son was born (gulp) eight years ago, these were just coming into existence and I immediately was in love. For many years, I made my own at home. Then as he grew, I started making our daily smoothies. However, I will still keep a variety of pouches on hand for in-between times when he might need a little boost or a snack. Here are a few I love: Plum organics blueberry carrot, Once Upon a Farm smoothie variety pack, the dairy-free NuturMe yogurt pouches, and Peter Rabbit Organics pouches which come in a ton of flavors. I’m partial to the spinach, pea, and apple!

Share your favorite healthy snacks with me in the comments.

(Links provided in this article are affiliate links, meaning I may get a commission if you buy through my link. And, I thank you!)

Happy Snacking!

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