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Grow Your Own

I know it's winter and you are probably thinking, 'Now, what is this chick doing talking about gardening when it is 40 degrees outside?!'

Well. Let me tell you!

The best time to plan for your garden is in the winter. You can map out where you have space for planting and you can even get the ground ready for planting.

This past fall, we ripped out several bushes in the area that will be our future family vegetable garden. On warmer days, I go out there and ruffle up the soil - turning it over to let it breath the fresh air and to soften it to get it ready for warmer weather.

The next reason to start thinking about planting now is because you can get some great deals on seeds. Grab a seed catalog from your local garden or home center and start thinking about what you might want to grow. Think about what your family loves to eat. If they love tomatoes, be sure to plant several of them - maybe even try different kinds!

You can start your seeds inside! Have you ever started your seeds inside? It is a great way to get a jump on the growing season. And, it is also a great family project. I have 6-inch pots that I filled with potting soil and planted. One pot has arugula, another cilantro, and others have chive, dill, and basil. The plants are situated in a sunny window, but I also have inexpensive grow lights over top to extend the daylight hours and improve growth. I may get several harvests in before it is warm enough to move them outside. Once it is warm enough outside - we say Mother's Day around here - then you can simply replant them in your garden and keep them going well into summer. And, if you bought seed packets, chances are you still have leftover seeds so you can add to them once they are planted outside.

Even if you do not have a yard for a garden, you can plant in pots on a sunny deck or stoop. The possibilities are endless and you will feel successful knowing you grew some of your own food!

Get out there and get those hands dirty!

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