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Nonprofits: Connect with Community on Social Media

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Chances are if your organization has been around for any number of years that you have a social media presence. Perhaps you have a dwindling Twitter account, a loosely managed Instagram page, and, oh yeah, that Facebook page that you haven't posted to in months.

When a consumer starts looking for an organization or a service, the first thing they might do is talk to their neighbors or friends. Second, they likely will perform an online search. Third, they might ask their friends on social media or they might simply do a search on social media.

Word of mouth is great for your organization. Encourage your stakeholders and volunteers to talk to you up to their friends, especially if you are looking to recruit.

However, if you do not have a consistent online presence, it will be difficult for new recruits or members to find you. How will they contact you if there is no easy-to-access phone or email address. Or, how will it look if they navigate to a Facebook page only to find out it is not managed and the email address connected to it doesn't work.

This does not give a good first impression of your business or organization. People like to join sturdy, successful organizations - ones that are easy to find. They do not want to feel like an organization is out of sorts, between leaders, or perhaps even crumbling.

Enhancing your social media presence can be relatively simple. Here are some action steps you can take today:

1. Update your social media accounts with current information. The basics should include: contact phone number, email address, current address/location, and even the name of the current president or outreach/press contact.

2. Add new images. Perhaps you have gotten a new logo or updated your colors. Make sure these basic brand details are reflected on your social media pages. It is also key to have a similar look across all your social media accounts so that at a single glance users know that it is the same business.

3. Take a quick swing through the most recent content. Perhaps you haven't posted in awhile. Take a look at the last posts and make sure they are still in line with what your company is today. If you have a recent post about providing free consultations, yet you no longer provide this service, be sure to delete that post.

4. Consider your social media presence. Working with your team (or a consultant), consider all your social media accounts. Do you need all of these accounts? Are they all too much to manage? What are your primary goals for social media? Can these goals be accomplished by simplifying your online presence to make it more manageable?

5. Consider scheduling some posts. Facebook is a great tool if you want to plan ahead because you can schedule posts for the future. Have an event coming up that you want to post about numerous times? You can create several posts and schedule them into the future, leading up to your event.

By taking a hard look at your organization online, you can quickly determine some action steps to improve your online presence and, at the same time, make it all more manageable!

I am here to help simplify all of this for you and we can work together on content strategy and planning. Give me a call to set up your consultation today: 302-519-2596.

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