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Sustainable Gift Giving 2022

'Tis the season... again! It's time for my annual roll-call for great sustainable gifts!

I like to focus on items that have a big bang for their buck -- meaning, I like to recommend items that can last a long time or that could be a gateway into a more sustainable life for someone who is on the fence.

Enjoy my top 10 gifts for 2022!

  1. Get cozy while nourishing your body with this Fat and the Moon Mineral Bath Soak from EarthHero. The combination of lavender and sage makes for a beautiful aromatherapy experience.

  2. One of my goals is to downsize my beauty routine and this multi-purpose face spray is a nutrient-dense powerhouse. The vegan toner contains hyaluronic acid and licorice root for a refreshing and hydrating finish. Look for Activist's Healing Water Toning Mist on the Zero Waste Store. It is also refillable!

  3. Smell like sunshine with this shampoo and conditioner bar duo. One of the most common single-use plastics is shampoo and conditioner bottles. We buy them, use them up, then toss them away. Save yourself and the environment by switching to shampoo and conditioner bars. These come in a variety of scents (I like sunshine).

  4. Clean your dishes without the added plastic. I love Grove Collaborative's products, especially the dish soap and dispenser. The product comes in recyclable containers, which you dump into the dispenser to refill. And, the dispenser is actually pretty! Here's a great starter dish soap set.

  5. One of the other worst offenders when it comes to single use plastic are zip-top baggies. They are so convenient, but so, so bad for the environment! Switch them out for these cute lemon reusable bags. While I love Stasher bags, these are much more budget friendly!

  6. Socks are back in for the holidays! And, you will love this eco-friendly ocean socks that are perfect for padding around the house any time of year. These Ocean Solmate Crew Socks are made in the USA using recycled materials.

  7. Snuggly clothes are always in and instead of buying something mass-produced, why not try out a pair of these one-of-a-kind sweater-knit pants from Recycled Clothing Co.?

  8. Local honey is a great way to support your area beekeeper while enjoying the earth's perfect food. Start by doing an online search (this one is offered through Bee Culture) for your local beekeeper and then either purchase the honey online or, even better, visit their brick-and-mortar store. Most beekeepers also work with farmers markets and other small grocers to offer their products. Shop local and shop small!

  9. Maker gifts have been popular for several years (remember the sourdough craze during the pandemic), so why not gift a kit to someone. I have enjoyed this hot sauce kit, this yogurt kit, and look forward to trying out this kombucha kit.

  10. Support your local bookseller by browsing and purchasing used books to wrap as gifts. Bookstores are a treasure trove of great gift ideas, but I always like to look through the second-hand bin. Give these lovelies a second life in your home and when you are done, give them a third life by placing them into a Little Free Library (small libraries often found in communities/cities) or by donating them to a friend or local library.

  11. Bonus gift idea! Another way to shop local is to subscribe to your local newspaper. Keep the news flowing in your community by gifting a subscription to a neighbor or local friend.

Enjoy your holiday season and consider setting a goal to make 2023 a more sustainable, earth-friendly year for your family!

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