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Finding the Right Engagement for You

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Writing engaging content is just one part of the battle, right?

Even if you have this great content - stories from your business, sharing your brand perspectives - you can still fall short if you aren't connecting with the right audience.

Some may tell you - 'Oh, you just have to get out there more. Put your content in more places. Buy more ads.'

But that isn't necessarily the best bet for your business or organization. The key is to place your content, your high-quality stories, where the right people will see them and then giving them the opportunity to share and convert.

If your goal is to get more volunteers for your upcoming event, you will want to place your stories and content where people who are active volunteers or who may become active volunteers will see it. One example might be your local library. Another might be at a community center or in a newsletter that goes out to members of your community.

On the other hand, if you want to get new residents to purchase your product or service, you might be better served by placing your content in the local newspaper or on social media. By providing a story instead of a sales pitch, you will be able to convert with a soft sell instead of a direct advertising campaign.

In still other situations, you might want to focus just on those who are ready to buy. In this case, you would want to run an advertising campaign perhaps on social media, on the local radio station, and in a local newspaper.

There are many ways to get your story out there, but it doesn't mean spending your money all over town to meet your goals.

Here are 5 tips to plan your strategy:

1. First - what is your goal? What is the metric you want to measure? Is it new purchases, new followers, or an increase in calls? By focusing first on the goal you want to reach, you can streamline the next decisions you make.

2. What content currently exists? If you have a website, chances are you have some content already created. Does this content fully tell your story? Does it need to be updated?

3. What content do you want/need to create? Take the next step and determine how your brand's story should be told. What are the differentiates your company and/or product from the competition? What is your organization's mission and vision?

4. Images. An image is worth a thousand words. Do you have images to tell your story or do you need to plan to have them taken or sourced? What does your brand look like? What images are you drawn to and how will they tell your story?

5. Integration. When you have all the pieces then you need to determine where the audience is and how you will connect with them. Then you go to work, craft a variety of messages, pair them with images, and start to launch your campaign.

Go get 'em!

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