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Eating Healthier IS Easier Than You Think!

Food seems to be on the top of everyone's mind. What should I eat? What should I not eat? Am I lactose intolerant? Should I give up gluten? What even is gluten?

When did food become so complicated?

Yes, pesticides and GMOs and lots of scary things are now in our food supply, but I can't help but think that all of this talk about what we eat is just another way that "THEY" are trying to confuse us to get us to buy things we don't need!

Who are THEY? I have no idea, but THEY are out there. Likely they are food producers and manufacturers - people who have lots of money on the line when it comes to what we choose to eat.

Back to this whole food thing being simple. It really can be. Here are my tips for keeping it simple when it comes to eating healthy:

  1. Look for fresh first. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best for you. Look for organic first and if it isn't available then search out a conventional item. Make sure to look for fruit and veggies that are whole - not pre-cut (they just charge you more) and also look for items that look appetizing. If you take a non-appetizing looking veggie home, you aren't really going to feel like eating it, are you?

  2. Frozen is good too. There are tons of healthy frozen options. Frozen vegetables are picked at the peak and then quickly frozen so all the nutrients are still there - you just have to heat it up. I love frozen green beans - easy to boil or steam on the stove and you have a fresh green side for any meal. Frozen peas and corn are also great options.

  3. Eat mostly plants. When you are putting together your lunch or dinner plate, try to make the majority of the plate vegetables. This could be potato, carrot, green bean, salad, etc. The options are endless! By focusing on making the majority of your meal a healthy veg, then you have much less space for other items.

  4. Meat. I am often asked if we still eat meat. And, the answer is yes. We eat meat on occasion. We are mostly plant-based, however sometimes we splurge on salmon, seafood, or even beef. We focus on quality meat products - grass-fed is a must for beef. We tend to steer clear of chicken. We do eat bacon sometimes but I also sneak in some bacon-style tempeh to get the same type of taste.

  5. Bread. Much of our problems with allergies and the food supply began because we wanted to produce higher quantities of food at a lower cost. Here come the shortcuts, the fillers, and the less than quality additives. Much of the bread for sale on grocery shelves has had its nutrients stripped. We try to avoid this if we can! Go to a local bakery and purchase a nice sourdough loaf. They will slice it for you if you prefer! Toast it up, top it with some peanut butter or avocado and enjoy! Sourdough is our #1 choice for bread!

Keep it simple out there kids and enjoy fresh tastes at every meal!

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