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Why Should You Live a 'Blue Zones' Life?

Most of us want to live a healthy, happy life and raise our children (or pets) in a warm, friendly environment. Who doesn't want to be happy and live the healthiest life possible?

There are so many diets and lifestyle plans out there - why did we latch onto the blue zones research?

First of all, the blue zones are designated areas where researchers have found more than the average number of people live to be 100 or older. While I am not sure about living to 100, I would certainly love to stick around for as long as I can as long as I am mentally and physically fit! And, the people - even the 100 year olds - in the blue zones are both mentally and physically fit. They are thriving even at an advanced age!

Second, the blue zones lifestyle (if you want to call it that because it does vary and is not an exact "diet" plan to follow) focuses on more than just food and weight. It focuses on you as a person. Are you happy? Are you comforted? Are you living with purpose? And, then after all of those other boxes are checked off, you are also likely healthy as well because you have all of your needs and more met.

Third, sometimes it's the simple things that make our lives so pleasurable. Simply waking up with a purpose, spending time walking in nature, eating whole food and food you've grown yourself, enjoying laughs with friends and family ... all of these simple things truly make our lives worth living. And, it doesn't come with a huge price tag like many of the lifestyle programs out there today!

You feel success when you are able to slice up a tomato that you grew and use it to feed your family. You feel comforted when you are able to gather with friends and enjoy a glass of wine. You feel fulfilled when you have purpose and community in your life - people who need you and people whom you need.

Our lives today can be full of stress. We eat poor quality food. We drink too much alcohol. We don't gather with friends or family as often as we'd like. We worry about our jobs or finances or our kids.

And, there is, of course, the American need to achieve, achieve, achieve.

What if we threw all of that out the window and just focused on our bare essentials every day? What specific things do you need today? What would make you happiest? What would connect you to nature more or even help the environment a bit?

Those few things - the things you can accomplish - perhaps that is all we need in our lives. And, some of the stress and panic of achievement can start to melt away.

What is one thing you can do today to make your life a bit happier? Share in the comments!

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